2012 Collection, Cover ups, Separates and One Pieces by MIKOH Swimwear by Oleema Miller and Kalani Miller


If glamour has a home, it’s in scattered seaside towns. Villas bathed in softest sun. The blasé Pacific. The haute Med.

If glamour has a birth date, it's the sixties. Era of wanderlust. Vagabond chic. Bohemian Miss.

If glamour has a spirit, it's subtle and cheeky. Sexy and bold. Wide in the eyes. Light on its feet. Untouchable. Unconcerned.

And if glamour is alive today, it lives in the comings and goings, the duffel bags and scrapbooks of bon vivant youth — that modern gypsy class whose soles brush the sands of St. Barts before boarding an overnight to Cannes. Blissful wanderers, address unknown. Last seen south of Big Sur en route to Todos Santos. In constant motion and yet always at home, with new friends fast becoming family, and mementos cherished for life.

This is the inspiration for MIKOH's 2012 collection L'ESPRIT LIBRE, every detail designed for the hearts, minds, and bodies of the bohemian tribe. Artists and artisans, lovers and friends. The line embraces vintage sophistication set to MIKOH's modern silhouettes, with colors and prints to evoke the origins of contemporary glamour a half century past. The collection's swimsuits and cover-ups — seamless and hardware-free, available as separates — have an effortless allure; they ask nothing of their wearer, understanding that her lofty thoughts are elsewhere. The next pin on the map, perhaps.

Montauk. Marrakech. Mykonos. Mauritius. MIKOH. This season, we send our best from the bows of sailboats, cabins at liftoff, vintage Land Cruisers and a weathered Eames lounge overlooking the sea. From bonfires smoldering toward a hazy dawn. We hope our collection brings to you the essence of a culture that prizes freedom of expression and chooses the path less taken. This is the mindset of our designs. We invite you to join us in celebration of a glamorous journey.

Thank you for letting MIKOH be a part of your journey.

X Oleema and Kalani Miller